Update January 2016

Let me begin by sending my sincere thanks to all of my wonderful friends and customers who have sent kind words and warms wishes for my speedy recovery from shingles. As many of you know, I’ve been unable to do much since Thanksgiving other than set screws in needles, carve a few crochet hooks and assist Linda with shipping. The nerve pain has been incredible and continues to limit use of my left arm, but I am beginning to mend and am anxious to get back to the shop to do what I love to do most – make darn pretty needles.

To be completely honest, I’ve been considering cancelling all unpaid pre-fire requests for sets (approx 400) and focus on paid orders. In hindsight It may have been the thing to do immediately following the fire. However, at that time I felt, and still do feel, that I owed it to all my customers to make every attempt to fulfill their desire to have a set of Darn Pretty Needles. I’m feeling better today than I have in a long time and do not believe cancelling orders will be necessary. I hope to return to the shop and pick up where we were back in November. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

As I mentioned earlier, one thing I was able to work on was crochet hooks. In doing so, I was also able to finalize the design of my crochet hooks. We have long wanted to offer metal hooks, but the hooks had to be excellent. A crochet hook from DyakCraft could not be just another mass produced hook. We sought a way to duplicate on a mill what I can do by hand. For a long while we did not think we would be able to pull it off. My enforced “down time” this past two months gave me the time to spend problem solving, working with a draftsman and a machinist, to create “my” hook. I’ve sent prototypes out to testers this week. Crocheters will soon have the hooks they have been patiently waiting for us to produce.

In summary, I’m heading back to the shop today, wiping the dust off the lathes and getting back to turning!
A belated happy new year to you all.



October 22 Update

The next batch of requests I’ll be working on are:

9785, 9833,  6349, 5489, 8077,  9170, 8359, 9701,  8441,  10262, 10760,  5584, 12118, 9846, 12029,  12120, 12107, 11786, 11782, 11785, 11783, 11779, 10761, 11672, 11241, 10762, 10681, 10691,  11692, 8762,  9866, 5999, 9796, 9568, 9172, 9279, 8551, 8848,8867, 8989, 8182, 8501, 9734

All pre-fire crochet hook orders have been completed!

If your order is listed above or is in last week’s post and has not been paid for, please consider doing so now. Thanks for your continued support!

From the lathe onto the bench

The orders listed below are what remains to be polished and shipped from previous blog entries.

These orders are in varying states of completion from ready to polish to ready to collect payment.  Some are for single tips or hooks while others are for multiple sets of double points and interchangeables.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding while we moved this summer. I look forward to getting back on track with weekly Sunday updates.




8/21/2014………….. One year Later

Yes, it’s been a year. A year since the fire. A year since I had to lay 7 employees off. A year since  Linda and I sat in silence considering whether to close the door and file bankruptcy. One year later we are still standing, albeit with much needed and appreciated support from our customers and friends not only here in the US, but all over the world. This support has allowed me the opportunity to continue to provide the finest knitting needles and fiber tools we possibly can, yet retool to offer products made from a variety of materials. It is the new products that allow me to keep the lights on. Linda and I are extremely grateful for the overwhelming support we continue to receive from our customers. Yes, I continue to keep my promise of completing as many DymondWood orders placed prior to the fire as I can. Your patience and understanding on delivery times is greatly appreciated. When orders were placed with an 8 month estimation, I had seven other folks assisting me. Now, it is just me. I get up each day and give it my best effort. And I will continue to do so until I have honored as many requests made prior to the fire, paid and unpaid, as I possibly can. I do have the stock needed to fulfill these pre-fire requests. I just need more hours in the day.

I created this blog as a tool to update the status of orders. This Sunday/Monday I will get back to posting the orders numbers I am working on. But today I want to update on the status of Tom Diak, DyakCraft and the Diak family. As many of you know, Linda and I have had a most interesting summer with moving our family to a new home resulting in the need to move again to another new home. That has finally come to an end with the Diaks relocating to beautiful Chester, Vermont. On the anniversary of the fire, our family was able to wake up for the first time in our new home, a home that we hope will serve our family and our business well for a long time to come.We have come full circle so to speak, being that our first venture into Vermont was in Chester 20+ years ago!

Today, I am looking forward to autumn, not only because it is my favorite time of year, but because I will finally see the plans I’ve been developing over the last several months come to fruition. Just as the extreme popularity of of metal needle lines has kept the lights on in the shop, my creative light has been turned on to ideas for new ways to improve our needles and ideas for new products: A new version of Darn Pretty Needles line of wood needles to be released this fall, Hummingbird, Peacock and interchangeable hooks in wood and other materials along with metal double points. just to name a few. Stay tuned for these exciting announcements.

August 1, 2015

DyakCraft Unplugged

The short version: Linda is back in the office!

For those who do not follow me on Facebook, we moved our home at the start of July. Linda left the office the last week of June to pack us up and get us moved. The plan was to accomplish the move in a week, swoop into the office and spend a few days moving that to the new house, and then resume communications.

The move didn’t go as planned.

We’ll spare you the dirty details. The highlights: The new house is not fit for habitation, the new landlord does not wish to invest in the necessary repairs, and our belongings are scattered between the two houses while we search for a new place to live and, ultimately, work, as we had planned on moving our shop to that location this fall. While this was occurring, I injured myself in the moving process and the water lines at the shop broke. The shop was without water for the month of July. No water, no Linda.

Tom has done an amazing job holding things together here. He’s been turning, polishing, handling negotiations, entering orders, answering phone calls, packing and shipping as much as he could. By next week, woods will begin shipping again. By this afternoon, I will be caught up on any orders that did not get entered in my absence. And by the early part of the week, I should be caught up on the emails as well.

Tom will do his best to get a blog post put together for everyone with an updated list of what he is working on. And we will keep everyone posted as to when and where we move next. Wish us luck! We could use it right now, folks!

Linda Diak
DyakCraft, LLC

June 25, 2015

I apologize for the delayed post this week. Due to heat, humidity and the upcoming move to a new apartment, this will be the last update for a few weeks. I want to be able to clear my table and be available to my family in order to get us relocated.

The high humidity we are experiencing and a lack of air conditioning and insulation at the present shop has made polishing a challenge, whether I am polishing wood needles or nickel needles, and that is slowing me down. It slows the process and it slows me too.

(For those who have not visited, our present shop is 30 miles from our current home in a circa 1920  building – we are working toward changing that at some point later this year.)

Unlisted items will be worked on over the coming weeks, but I am not going to put up any new lists until after we have moved into our apartment. Thanks for your understanding.


May 31, 2015

I am not putting up any new numbers this week. I want to focus on clearing my bench of the remaining orders from the past two weeks. Family events and the holiday shortened my work time recently, the best of which was the graduation of our son, Nick, from Vermont Academy:


Me and Nick
For those in the New England area, this coming Saturday is our annual visit to Squam Lake for the vendor night at Squam Art Workshops Spring Retreat. It’s my only chance during the year to get out and interact with customers. I look forward to it each year. There are two hours of shopping (and free beer!) at beautiful Squam Lake in New Hampshire. I hope to see some of you there.