August 1, 2015

DyakCraft Unplugged

The short version: Linda is back in the office!

For those who do not follow me on Facebook, we moved our home at the start of July. Linda left the office the last week of June to pack us up and get us moved. The plan was to accomplish the move in a week, swoop into the office and spend a few days moving that to the new house, and then resume communications.

The move didn’t go as planned.

We’ll spare you the dirty details. The highlights: The new house is not fit for habitation, the new landlord does not wish to invest in the necessary repairs, and our belongings are scattered between the two houses while we search for a new place to live and, ultimately, work, as we had planned on moving our shop to that location this fall. While this was occurring, I injured myself in the moving process and the water lines at the shop broke. The shop was without water for the month of July. No water, no Linda.

Tom has done an amazing job holding things together here. He’s been turning, polishing, handling negotiations, entering orders, answering phone calls, packing and shipping as much as he could. By next week, woods will begin shipping again. By this afternoon, I will be caught up on any orders that did not get entered in my absence. And by the early part of the week, I should be caught up on the emails as well.

Tom will do his best to get a blog post put together for everyone with an updated list of what he is working on. And we will keep everyone posted as to when and where we move next. Wish us luck! We could use it right now, folks!

Linda Diak
DyakCraft, LLC