June 25, 2015

I apologize for the delayed post this week. Due to heat, humidity and the upcoming move to a new apartment, this will be the last update for a few weeks. I want to be able to clear my table and be available to my family in order to get us relocated.

The high humidity we are experiencing and a lack of air conditioning and insulation at the present shop has made polishing a challenge, whether I am polishing wood needles or nickel needles, and that is slowing me down. It slows the process and it slows me too.

(For those who have not visited, our present shop is 30 miles from our current home in a circa 1920  building – we are working toward changing that at some point later this year.)

Unlisted items will be worked on over the coming weeks, but I am not going to put up any new lists until after we have moved into our apartment. Thanks for your understanding.